Our company has the longest experience in Halloumi cheese equipment world-wide.

We have been supplying the industry leaders with innovative solutions, enabling growth and expansion of their markets.

Our solutions include all the systems and equipment starting from milk reception up the final brining stage. Halloumi production lines include cheese vats, pressing units, cooking vats, brining and sterilization systems.

Semi-Automatic and Automatic lines can be delivered with PLC automation units and / or incorporated to existing systems.

Our manual, semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic solutions can handle capacities of up to 300,000 litres per day, per processing line.

All our equipment and solutions are produced to highest industry standards and are in conformance with EU criteria and EN 1672-2.

Products by this production line:

  • Halloumi

    Halloumi is a semi-hard cheese that originated in Cyprus during the Medieval period. Halloumi is traditionally produced from a blend of cow's, sheep's and goat's milk.

    It's distinct characteristic is the ability to maintain its structure and texture when cooked. It can be served as a savoury dish or combined with sweet delicacies. It can be served fresh, mature, cooked, fried, grilled or even flavoured. Halloumi is produced by coagulating milk with rennet, cut, drained, pressed into blocks, cooked and brined in salted whey. Industrially, Halloumi can be produced with any kind of fresh milk.

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