The industrialization of halloumi is our legacy.

Before the industrialization of halloumi by our engineers, the traditional cheese of Cyprus was made by family farms. It was our visionary founder and his supportive team, who transformed halloumi to an industrialized product, fueling local and international dairy companies.

By designing and developing the equipment to facilitate the industrialization of halloumi, our own clients were helped to improve on their own efficiency, output and costs. Over time, the successes of our engineering solutions have contributed to the recognition of halloumi / Grilled cheese globally.

cheese production line

We are proud to confirm that the majority of the leading Halloumi / Grilled Cheese producers worldwide, utilize equipment designed and manufactured by our team in our industrial units in Cyprus.

Each project is designed to the client’s needs, specific conditions, and resources, drawing upon the extensive experience that Agathangelou personnel have acquired from working on all types and sizes of dairies.

We are confident in our abilities, experience, specialized knowledge, and cross-sector experience in dairy engineering that we can apply to any project related to halloumi production as well as grilled cheese, paneer, feta, yoghurt, whey cheese and more.

cheese production line

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