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The Agathangelou Brand

Since the early 1960's, Christakis Agathangelou Ltd. has been a trusted and favored partner of small-to-large dairy businesses, worldwide. We combine our passion for state-of-the-art engineering with decades of expertise, predominately in the dairy sector, to provide our clients with unique solutions helping their businesses to flourish.

We have pioneered automation for a wide range of dairy products, including our popular Halloumi and Grilled Cheese production lines.

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cheese production line

Your trustworthy partner for dairy equipment

We provide our clients with innovative engineering solutions according to their specific business and production needs. Our specialists handle each project with care and integrity, helping our partners to meet their targets on quality and cost.

Close cooperation with our partners over the years has earned us the continued trust of companies from all over the world. Our efforts during this time have helped the dairy production landscape to evolve. We have proactively contributed to the industrialization of cheese manufacturing processes, which has allowed our clients to run efficient, functional businesses in today’s demanding consumer landscape.

We support the development of machinery and technologies for a wide range of dairy products, including the native Cypriot cheese, Halloumi, as well as paneer, feta, yogurt, their byproducts.

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Agathangelou Production Lines

Our Engineers are highly specialized in their fields. Their experience and expertise, combined with our “client-first” philosophy, allows us to uphold the highest professional standards.

Our objective is to provide a cost-effective, total-systems approach. Whether this entails planning for state-of-the-art facilities and/or upgrading existing facilities, our solution is always unique to the client. Our in-house professionals are hand-picked to produce the most efficient and financially advantageous result for our clients.

cheese production line
cheese production line

Consultation with the Agathangelou specialists

Our skilled staff corps provide specialist guidance and consultation for the following milestones:

  • Feasibility study & budgeting intel
  • Optimize process design
  • Equipment design & manufacturing
  • In-house line assembly
  • Testing & quality control,
  • Installation at client’s location
  • Testing & commissioning
  • Training for operation & maintenance
  • After sales support

We provide complete turn-key solutions or single production units for our clients

Our demonstrated expertise in the design and implementation of small and large-scale production plants, position us at the forefront of our industry.

Client satisfaction first

Our clients rely on us to provide a full suite of services from preliminary engineering drawings to detailed equipment planning. Whether a client needs a master plan for a new facility or needs to expand or update an existing facility, teaming up with us will simplify the process of developing and managing a sustainable dairy project.

Innovative and qualitative dairy processing equipment

Our team prides itself on developing groundbreaking and innovative solutions for the production and processing of dairy equipment.

Our clients have trusted our services since 1962.

cheese production line

Agathangelou Plants

In order to accommodate to the increasing demand(s) for our products and services, we have also increased our personnel and infrastructure resources. Our team now operates from two industrial units in the capital city of Cyprus, Nicosia. We very much welcome our clients to visit either of our locations in order to explore our technologies and to gain a greater appreciation of our corporate culture.

cheese production line

Plant 1

The Plant 1 combines factory-space with office-space and has been recently renovated to help us serve the production and accounting needs of our company. It is in this unit that our Production, Engineering, Procurement, Quality, Health and Safety, Financial and Accounting teams operate.

  • Production execution: The design of our equipment is done by our experienced Engineering Department. When ready, the procurement team sources the necessary materials and components to deliver the project. At this stage, the manufacturing process is undertaken by our production teams.
  • Financial & Accounting Support: These teams support us with the necessary financial planning for day-to-day as well as long-term operations.

Plant 2

This is a newly acquired unit, combining factory and office space, and in a very close proximity to the Industrial Unit 1, which is mandated to help the company to onboard complex client projects, without impacting on the quality of service provided. A fresh and contemporary design of the building and its offices serve as a new home for our General Management, Sales, Business Development, Technical and Electrical Departments.

  • Line assemblies: All the components of the turn-key Agathangelou lines are transported and assembled on-location here. At this stage, our team can perform the necessary quality and operational checks.
  • Quality Assurance and stress-testing: Once the lines have been fully quality assured and stress-tested, we will invite our clients to ‘meet’ their lines and to watch them in action. “Meet” sessions can be arranged live or via digital connection.
cheese production line

Why Agathangelou?

Our blend of experience, technology and client-first approach is the key to our onboarding process. When it comes to choosing your production line supplier, we invite you to have a consultation with our team, and you may find that our solutions outperform those of our competitors.

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cheese production line
cheese production line
cheese production line

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