The Company

Since the early 1960's, Agathangelou has been a trusted and favored partner of small-to-large dairy businesses, worldwide. We combine our passion for state-of-the-art engineering with decades of expertise, predominately in the dairy sector, to provide our clients with unique solutions helping their businesses to flourish.

Our objective is to provide the necessary automation solutions and technological infrastructure to help our clients not only to withstand the increasing demands on them, but to help their businesses grow.

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Download our Brochure

Our Vision

Our vision is to position the company internationally as the leading manufacturer of Halloumi (Χαλλούμι or Χαλούμι or Hellim or Helim or Grilled Cheese) and Paneer processing equipment by 2026.

Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed our clients’ expectations in terms of quality and cost by combining cutting-edge technologies with unique business solutions and industry-leading expertise.


Our Values

We believe in leading by example. To this end, all the solutions we offer are uniquely researched, built, and implemented according to the highest professional engineering standards. All of our team adhere to the professional codes of integrity, honesty, and transparency in order to maintaining the highest possible ethical standards.

We demand continued excellence of our team of our products and of our services, in order to satisfy and to exceed our client expectations.


Our years of experience in the industry has awarded us with unique insights into the demands on our clients, as well as the best possible solutions to their ongoing and continued challenges. We proudly maintain excellent relations with satisfied clientele in more than 30 countries, worldwide. Our dedicated employees and trustworthy suppliers are testament to our success.

Our History

Our Legacy


Our Team

Agathangelou currently employs more than 50 employees. The carefully structured multi-disciplinary team operate under the guidance of the senior management team in order to fulfil the mission of the company and to ultimately serve our clients according to the highest professional standards.

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