With a legacy dating back to the 1960s, we have consistently led in designing and manufacturing innovative machines and solutions for the dairy industry, specifically excelling in the production of semi-hard cheese.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that each dairy processing plant we engineer is a testament to efficiency and quality, offering innovative dairy production.

Products Crafted in Dairy Processing Plants Using Our Machines

Originating in Cyprus, Halloumi is a unique cheese crafted by combining milk from goats and sheep, occasionally with a touch of cow's milk. Its appearance is characterized by a pale white colour arranged in layers, while its flavour boasts a delightful balance of tanginess and salinity.

Paneer, a valued cheese in India, is made by curdling milk with heat and acid. It's a quick process, taking just a few hours. With a gentle milky taste and a soft, sturdy texture, paneer doesn't melt easily when heated. It can be produced from cow's or buffalo milk, whether pasteurized or raw, and can vary between whole, skim, or reduced-fat milk.

Grilled cheese refers to types of cheese that melt well when heated. These cheeses become smooth and gooey when they're warmed up, making them perfect for dishes where you want the cheese to melt evenly.

This unique byproduct, known for its crumbly texture and mild taste, adds a delightful touch of dairy richness to a variety of dishes. Cheeses such as Anari, Ricotta, Arish, Mizithra, Manouri, and Anthotyro showcase regional variations within the whey cheese category. Produced as a sustainable practice, whey cheese creatively utilizes excess whey that would otherwise be discarded as waste.

Yogurt, a cherished dairy product, is crafted through the fermentation of milk, boasting a rich and storied history that traces back to ancient times. Renowned for its velvety, thick, and creamy texture, yogurt offers a versatile range of varieties, from strained to flavored options, captivating palates with its delightful consistency and diverse flavors.

Made from sheep, goat and cow milk, Feta Cheese has a crumbly yet creamy texture, offering a salty taste. This versatile cheese adds an authentic touch to salads, pastas, and other dishes.

Why Trust Our Dairy Processing Plant Lines:

  • 85% of Halloumi worldwide made by our production lines
  • +450 tons of Paneer monthly production
  • +11.000 manufacturing orders in 20 years
  • 110+ successful cheese production projects

cheese production line

Our Machinery for Dairy Processing Plants

cip-unit (1).jpg

CIP Unit

A CIP (Clean-in-Place) unit is an automated system utilized in various industries to clean equipment and piping without disassembly. It circulates cleaning solutions through the equipment, efficiently removing contaminants and maintaining hygiene. CIP units streamline cleaning processes and reduce operational downtime.


Milk Pasteurizer

A milk pasteurizer is a machine utilized in dairy production. It heats raw milk to a specific temperature for a set period, effectively eliminating harmful bacteria while preserving its nutritional quality. This process enhances milk's safety for consumption and extends its shelf life.


Cheese Vats

A cheese vat is a round vat where the curd is molded and cut in the cheese-making process. Cheese vats have been designed to maximize yield and usability, serving as indispensable equipment for cheese producers. Whether manual or automated, these round containers play a vital role in efficiently shaping and segmenting curds, ensuring optimal results in cheese production.


Semi - Hard Cheese Curd Preparation Vats

Semi-hard cheese curd preparation vats are specialized containers or vessels used in dairy and food processing industries to curdle and process milk for the production of paneer.


Whey - Curd Separator (Drainage System)

A whey-curd separator, also known as a drainage system, is a mechanical device or system used in the dairy industry to separate curds and whey during the cheese-making process. It plays a crucial role in transforming milk into cheese.

automatic-washing-machines- (1).jpg

Brine Production Plants

Brine production plants play a crucial role in the cheese-making process, generating the essential saline solution for brining cheese. This pivotal step enhances the flavor, texture, and preservation of the cheese. Through precise control of salt concentration, these plants contribute to the distinctive characteristics found in various cheese types.


Automatic Washing Machines

Automatic washing machines serve as the backbone of hygiene in dairy processing plants, playing a critical role in maintaining cleanliness throughout the facility. These machines efficiently clean and sanitize equipment, ensuring optimal conditions for cheese production. Their automated processes streamline hygiene management, thereby contributing to the overall quality and safety of dairy products.

Discover Our Story

Production Lines for Dairy Processing Plants

- Consists of the highest automation level where the operators’ interface is minimal and focused to the supervision.

- Recommended for large-scale production capacities of specific product characteristics and recipes.

Halloumi Production Lines

Grilled Cheese Production Lines

Paneer Production Lines

Feta Production Lines

- Consists of the high automation level and the operators’ interface in pre-appointed positions.

- Recommended for medium to large-scale production capacities of specific product characteristics and recipes.

Halloumi Production Lines

Grilled Cheese Production Lines

Paneer Production Lines

Whey Cheese Production Lines

Feta Production Lines

- Consists of minimal or zero automation level and the Operators are controlling the production and do most of the handling.

- Recommended for artisan or small to medium production capacities. The manual handling allows for a variety of products to be produced with the addition of equipment and/or production steps.

Halloumi Production Lines

Grilled Cheese Production Lines

Whey Cheese Production Lines

Greek Yogurt Production Lines

Feta Production Lines

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