Long-term performance and satisfying business objectives

We provide our clients with innovative engineering solutions according to their specific business and production needs. Our specialists handle each project with care and integrity, helping our partners to meet their targets on quality and cost.

cheese production line

We guarantee:

  • High return on investment
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Reduced manpower/ handling according to the automation level of each production line.
  • Tools for continued efficiency (Summarized overview production reports)
  • Provisions for expansion and development / modular design

Agathangelou offers meaningful support throughout the consultation and development procedure, as well as with the aftersales. With more than 60 years of experience and the trust and loyalty of its world-renowned clients - especially when it comes to Halloumi and grilled cheese lines - our team can guarantee the best quality.

Our efficient automated production lines target to ensure a high return on investment along with an optimized total cost of ownership. The automation that Agathangelou offers gives each investor the opportunity to optimize on their paid labor force and provides the choice of of reduced manpower. Our engineers guarantee an optimized dairy production using a modular design which stands the test of time, and which provides ongoing output to the client as the business grows and expands its operations.

Cheese Making Aspects

  • Product Standardization/ Recipe handling
  • Multiple lines capacities and sizes
  • Data and process recording and analysis
  • Optimized production time
  • Ergonomic design
  • Food technologist support availability

cheese production line

On lines with HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces), Agathangelou provides fully configurable recipes with multiple parameters, so that every investor can achieve standardized and steady products. A wide range of capacities and sizes within Agathangelou lines are offered to ensure the delivery of an optimal product. Furthermore, as an investor, you will be provided with an automatic customized recording and reporting system, so you can have maximum control over production. Our lines also promote the highest-possible efficiency. The ergonomics of our lines guide operations easily and safely. If required, Agathangelou can provide a dedicated team member that can assist in production training and optimization.

Engineering and Maintenance Aspects

  • Turn-key projects
  • Manufacturing practices in term of quality, safety, and environmental considerations
  • Start-up and onsite support
  • Production line selection

Agathangelou can develop solutions which transform milk into a ready-to-be-packed product. The team can also provide supporting equipment such as Clean in Place (CIP) automation as well as pasteurizers, pumps, silos and more. The Agathangelou Team - being also extra sensitive to environmental considerations- can guarantee a reduced environmental footprint along with a CE and EHEDG certificate.

Agathangelou can offer start-up and on-site support as well as the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Remote connection and technical support, at every step. The team will evaluate your needs and suggests the best line size and automation levels based on the requirements of weight of cheese per milk volume per shift. The lines are also designed to minimize any cheese loss during production.

cheese production line

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