Our production lines and equipment serve small artisan, family run cheesemakers through to commercially driven, high yield clients.

We have been making cheese equipment since 1962. A lot has changed in the last 60 years. Technology has evolved, allowing us to produce more detailed, targeted, and efficient solutions. Cutting-edge technology combined with our experience, makes us even more efficient. Our team manages the in-house design, manufacturing, assembly, and installation of hygienic processing equipment with professionalism and passion.

cheese production line
cheese production line

We make a point of keeping up to date with evolving technologies, in order to apply ongoing best practices in the fields of gastronomy and nutrition.

Our 60 years of experience, combined with our leadership in specific products and our achievements in the industrialization of halloumi, demonstrate that both technically and business-wise, our team has it all. The systems that we created are designed to ensure that routine maintenance can be carried out quickly and effectively, minimizing downtime.

Our innovative standardization system is designed to meet and exceed the current industry standards and to help your business produce the best milk products in the market.

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Grilled Cheese

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