Ranging from Manual to fully Automatic our Feta Lines ensure the correct

and consistent milk coagulation and the precise mechanical handling of curd.

We provide 1000 Litres traditional feta vats which come in pairs or closed type vats in a range of sizes and configurations.

Our cheese vats can be combined in series to process up to 200,000 litres of milk per day.

Plastic moulds of 2x5 arrangement produce cheese blocks of 220mm x 110mm x 100mm and of 2kg weight.

All the processes including cutting of the curd, filling, turning and handling of the moulds and transportation of the cheese can be fully automated and without any human interaction depending on the automation level of each production line.

Products by this production line:

  • Feta

    Feta is a soft white cheese of Greek origin, produced by sheep's milk. It is produced by culture inoculation and rennet coagulation. The curd is cut and moulded before left to drain and self -press. It is a low pH high fat content cheese considered better when aged and brined in whey. Aged and matured feta develops a sharp flavour and crumbly texture. Feta is typically used as a table cheese, in salads, as a pastry filling and even cooked with vegetables. It can be also produced with recombined milk with the addition of Vegetable fat or Anhydrous Milk Fat (AMF).

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