We have developed a range of manual and semi-automatic Paneer production lines which can process from 2,500L/hr to 10,000 L/Hr milk, providing solution to small, medium and large dairies

Our production lines utilise open 600L vats for consistent product output throughout and in every batch.

Precisely engineered, laser slit moulds render the use of cheese cloths obsolete, eliminating the biggest source of contamination in similar lines.

Our semi-automatic Paneer production lines offer reduced manual handling and improved yield due to reduced human factor involvement and more standardised production.

The main features of our semi-automatic production lines are:

  1. Automatic pasteuriser
  2. Autonomous cheese vat agitation system
  3. High efficiency whey-curd separator
  4. Stainless steel moulds (no cheese cloth required)
  5. Sterile air de-moulding system
  6. Configurable semi-auto cutting / dicing unit
  7. *Optional automatic inline cutting machine
  8. Post-Packaging Pasteurisation system


Other Production Lines

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