The India Dairy and Summit Awards 2023 is an eagerly anticipated event where the dairy industry's latest advancements and cutting-edge technologies come to life. Taking place on the 1st & 2nd of June at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Dwarka, New Delhi, this expo promises to be a platform for industry professionals to explore innovative solutions aimed at enhancing the efficiency of dairy product production.


Exploring the Expo
At the conference, attendees will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in an impressive display of the latest innovations and advanced technologies dedicated to transforming the dairy industry. Exhibitors will showcase cutting-edge solutions that are reshaping the way dairy products are manufactured, revolutionizing the entire production process.

Insights from Industry Experts
Apart from the exhibition, the event will feature presentations led by industry experts. These sessions will serve as a valuable source of dairy knowledge and insights, offering attendees the chance to stay well-informed and make strategic decisions in the ever-evolving dairy landscape. Among these presentations, one that stands out is "Raising the Bar: Agathangelou Solutions for Paneer Excellence" by Mr. Christou, General Manager and Technical Director at Christakis Agathangelou Ltd.

Mr. Chistou's Presentation
Mr. Christou, an expert in equipment design for a range of dairy products, will specifically focus on Paneer cheese equipment. In his engaging 20-minute presentation, he will provide practical strategies and solutions to enhance business performance. Drawing from his extensive experience, Mr. Christou will showcase Automatic and Semi-Automatic Paneer production lines as a game-changing solution. These production lines offer reduced handling and improved yield by minimizing human involvement and ensuring more standardized production.


Interactive Q&A Session
Following Mr. Christou's presentation, there will be a 5-minute interactive Q&A session. This will provide attendees with the opportunity to seek clarification and gain further insights into the topics discussed. The interactive nature of this session will foster knowledge exchange and create a dynamic learning environment.

For those unable to attend the event physically, there is good news! Mr. Christou's presentation will be streamed live on YouTube. This means you can easily tune in and watch from the comfort of your own space, ensuring you don't miss out on the valuable information and ideas shared.

Engaging with Agathangelou
Our team of experts will also be exhibiting at the event at booth no. 7 to inform attendees about our innovative and automated production lines for Paneer. Engaging with Agathangelou's representatives will give you the chance to explore the features and benefits of our advanced production lines, ask any questions you may have, and discuss how these solutions can be tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Agathangelou Paneer Solutions
During your visit to our booth, you can learn important information about our automatic and semi-automatic Paneer Production Lines. Agathangelou offers its clients automatic and semi-automatic Paneer Production Lines with capacities ranging from 400-2500 paneer/HR. However, customized lines with higher capacities can also be provided upon request. What defines the lines’ capacities are the pressing time, the yield, the milk supply flow capacity and the mould selection taking always into consideration the client’s wishes and needs.


Make sure not to miss The India Dairy and Summit Awards 2023, the premier event for the dairy industry. With a focus on cutting-edge technologies, insights from industry experts, and interactive sessions, you'll stay ahead in the ever-evolving dairy landscape. Contact us for a free invitation and join us to explore our advanced production lines, discuss your specific needs, and gain invaluable expertise. We look forward to meeting you and showcasing the benefits of our tailored solutions at the event.