Welcome to the Agathangelou blog, the ultimate resource for our latest news and updates. From serving as the proud pioneers of the industrialisation of halloumi/ grilled cheese, to serving over 400 clients in major markets across 30 countries, our brand has a long history in the field of food engineering.

Who We Are

Agathangelou is a highly specialized dairy process engineering company supplying industry leaders worldwide with innovative solutions for the design and manufacture of plants and equipment in the dairy sector.

Our aim is to provide added value Productized Solutions for Halloumi, Grilled Cheese, Paneer, Feta and Greek Yogurt, which tackle our clients’ greatest challenges in terms of Efficiency, Quality and Sustainability, resulting in high Return on Investment.

The Agathangelou team creates reliable and durable dairy production equipment that is compliant to international standards through the use of materials from leading suppliers. Our team is also committed to sustainability and the protection of the environment. Our technological solutions support our clients’ economic growth, whilst also shielding the environment from contamination.

Agathangelou Products


We provide our clients with automated solutions through our production lines that enable the creation of Halloumi, Grilled Cheese, Paneer, Greek yogurt, Feta and Whey Cheese. We can also provide a full suite of turnkey services regarding our production lines, from preliminary engineering to detailed equipment planning. Consult our specialists regarding topics such as:

- Budgeting (Data for Client’s Feasibility Study & ROI Calculation)

- Process Design Optimisation & Line Manufacturing

- In-House Line Assembly, Quality Checks & Shipment

- Installation at Client’s Location – Efficient & Fast Turnaround

- Commissioning & Training for Operations & Maintenance

- After-Sales Support

Our clients can also select a number of standalone equipment and units needed to run their production lines, including:

- Pasteurisation Units

- Milk Reception

- Milk Tankers

- Milk Silos and Mixers

- Manifolds

- Clean in Place Units

- Storage Tanks

- Brine Production Plants

- Ultrafiltration for Milk Concentration

- Automatic Washing Machines

- Milk Recombination Plants

- Used Equipment (subject to availability and compatibility)

Visiting Detrop in Thessaloniki, Greece

31st Detrop International Exhibition for Food, Machinery and Equipment Thessaloniki, Greece

If you would like to contact our team in-person, you can find us at the 31st Detrop International Exhibition for Food, Machinery and Equipment in Thessaloniki, Greece on the 18-20 February 2023.

The event is an important networking event and meeting point for Greece’s domestic markets, as well as the wider international food and beverage industry. Leading importers and professionals from various countries are expected to attend the exhibitions, workshops, and competitions that will take place at the event.

Visiting the Gulfood Expo in Dubai, UAE

28th annual edition of the Gulfood Expo in Dubai, UAE

We are also attending the 28th annual edition of the Gulfood Expo in Dubai, UAE on the 20-24th February 2023. The event is hailed as the largest food exhibition and sourcing event in the Food & Beverage industry. The event acts as an industry trend springboard which unites the world’s food and beverage communities, with over 5000 companies from more than 120 countries attending. A line-up of industry thought leaders, as well as the world's greatest chefs will chart the way forward and inspire industry-wide transformation.

These international events serve as an incredible opportunity for the establishment of an in-person catch-up. If you are also attending and would like to form a liaison with Agathangelou, feel free to contact us via email at info@agathangelou.com

There are more upcoming events to be announced such as the 49th Dairy Industry Conference and Exhibition which will be held on 16 -17 -18 March 2023 in Gandhinagar, India, where we will be exhibiting. You can read more about the event on our next blog.