Our yoghurt production solutions can process fresh or recombined milk and produce a wide variety of yoghurts or yoghurt based products.

The range of our solutions includes plants which can process

  1. Greek Style Yoghurt
  2. Strained Yoghurt
  3. Set Yoghurt
  4. Labneh
  5. Drinking Yoghurt (Ayran, Shanineh)
  6. Stirred Yoghurt
  7. Fruit / Flavoured Yoghurt
  8. Kefir


Plants can be skid mounted or part of a network, stand alone or complete with mixing and incubation tanks.

Our systems include pasteurizer, holding tube, homogenizer, incubation tanks, scraper mixers, and fruit mixers, in-vessel cooling or in-line cooling before filling as well as in-line homogenization and emulsifiers.

Our process vessels can incubate and cool the product in the tank, under sterile air conditions and deliver a ready-to-pack product directly to the filler, without any human interaction.

We design and manufacture Semi and Fully Automatic solutions of capacities ranging from 500 ltr per batch to 80,000 ltr/day

Our revolutionised, unique process substitutes the traditional 3-stage production line.

As a result a safer high quality product has emerged.

Other Production Lines

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