The Production Management Division recognises the need to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our employees and neighbours. To accomplish this, it is our policy to fully comply with environmental laws and regulations wherever we operate. The division has actively pursued pollution prevention programmes to eliminate discharges to the environment and limit the use of materials that could be considered hazardous.
We utilise Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma principles to continually improve manufacturing processes and promote energy efficiency, maximise the use of environmentally friendly raw materials and actively pursue waste minimization.
The Production Management Division has also instituted a number of initiatives to increase recycling and reuse of its wastes. We also maintain energy and water conservation programs at our facilities to help conserve natural resources and ultimately reduce greenhouse gases related to the production of energy.
The division strives for continual improvement in its environmental performance and will continue to monitor its progress in this area. The division provides its employees with a safe workplace and encourages their efforts to work in a safe manner. We communicate, take note and are responsive to our employees, customers, neighbours and governments and distribute information concerning potential hazards resulting from our operations. Managers are held accountable for implementing this policy and associated procedures; however, maintaining environmental compliance is the responsibility of everyone.