Christakis Agathangelou Ltd. leveraging the expertise and years of experience of our employees, our focus is on our core competencies to achieve highest standards of performance in our business. In everything we do, our attention remains firmly focused not only on reducing production costs, but also on meeting our customer's every need.
We are committed to improve our processes to provide customers with quicker, more robust service, while continuing to refine our Quality Management System. These operational enhancements will lead to improved service, significant cost reductions, improved on-time performance, and customer satisfaction.
In order to fulfill the mission, to achieve the highest standards of performance in our business and to be recognized by our clients as a premiere manufacturing company, Christakis Agathangelou Ltd. will strive to meet customer requirements and expectations
with the aim to accomplish this; we sincerely conduct the following mottos:
Actively pursue continuous improvement of quality management system at all levels
  • Persistently seek to meet international and regulatory standards requirements
  • Provide products and services that conform to all contractual requirements
  • Orient resources to promote quality culture and empower our employees
  • Lean to exploit cost effective and advanced modern technologies
  • Outstanding workmanship and zero defects