Modern food processing is concerned with creating products with competitive prices and long shelf life, conserving natural flavors, textures and nutritional values.
For over 20 years, Christakis Agathangelou has been the leader in supplying the Cyprus dairy industry with all types of dairy equipment. 
For the general dairy equipment we start from the Milk collection tankers, to Silo buffer tanks, computerized milk reception systems and Milk processing (Pasteurizing, separation, homogenization, and standardization). 
For cheese production lines we offer Cheese vats, Curd / Whey separators, pressing and forming systems, cooking lines for Halloumi, Anari / Ricotta / Arish lines, brining systems and final sterilization systems.
For Yogurt production lines we offer solutions that can produce Greek strained yogurt, natural strained yogurt (Labaneh) drinking and flavored types.