In the drinks industry there are several sources for raw materials in many forms. A drink can be produced from concentrated juice or from a powder form that is re hydrated in a recombination system. A main ingredient is the sugar that needs to be diluted in large quantities and prepared in accurate BRIX levels to obtain a stable final product, filtered to client specifications. 
We produce syrup rooms that can function manually and prepare a batch based on manual sugar addition at a desired temperature or automated systems that prepare the syrup solution automatically.
Our large range of mixing and buffer tanks can provide the needed capacity for any processing plant. Our range of tanks and mixers start from 1000 lt up to 50,000 lt. These solutions apply in juice, soft drink and alcoholic beverage industry.
Our range of processing equipment includes batch type from 500 l/hr up to 1500 lt and linear pasteurizers from 1500 lt /hr up to in 15,000 lt in the standard range. We expand our range on custom needed solutions where required.
In cases where dosing is required or small quantities need to be pumped at long distances, we provide Product recovery system (Pigs) to make sure the quantity sent is accurate and recovered from the piping network.