Our company has a long history of resolving process problems and overcoming obstacle, living up to client expectations. Our equipment in the food processing sector is no different.
We manufacture Cookers or cooking systems for various traditional foods / deserts, our cookers can handle atmospheric, vacuum and pressure cooking conditions.
In the food sector we can offer cooking solutions for vegetable food preparations such as Hummus, foul, bean cooking, lentils etc. We also have tomato dilution and mixing plants for tomato paste.
In the confectionary section, our cookers can handle Marmalades to delight type sweets, grape roll (Soutzioukos) and are able to produce sweets like Milk and Rice (Rez bel haleeb), Muhallabieh, etc. Basically all type of puddings can be prepared and gently poured hot to be packed or pumped to filler for hot filling.
We also produce syrup preparation units for confectionary use in Arabic sweets like Kunafa , Baklava and Burma etc. These units can dilute, mix heat and cool syrup thus prepare a sterile solution for quick use.
We produce melting vessels and mixers for vegetable fat / butter melting.
In addition we produce in line type pasteurizers and bulk fillers for Egg processing for yolks, white or mixed.