Our experience in design and production of agitators and mixers enables us to provide a variety of solutions to mixing needs.
We manufacture a wide range of mixing tanks ranging from 500 lt up to 12,000 lt with heating and cooling options, complete with personnel access platforms and raw material loading.
Our Agitation systems range from low speed, scraper type for viscous products to high speed with homogenization ability as well as combinations of multiple agitators on the same mixing vessel depending on the process. In extreme situations we can outsource the agitation to a specialized vendor and provide a complete vessel solution to our clients.
Piping automation is an integral part of process control. We supply Recipe management systems for automatic raw material dosing, up to product recovery systems (pigging Solutions). We aim to offer a complete solution for all the processing up to the filling point of the product.
In case of product batch production or buffering we offer mobile tanks / trolleys for airtight storage and easy transportation.