We supply milk solutions and equipment throughout all stages of milk production industry production; from the farm to final production, transport, storage and processing.
Milk transport for all types of trucks ranging from 3,000 lt up to 24,000 lt. The trucks can have multi compartment, personnel access catwalk,  insulated tanks with CIP, retractable hose for milk collection and delivery, inline sampling system with barcode system in refrigerated compartment, GPS location of the truck, milk reception data transfer to factory by GPRS with PH in line meter and flow meter along with a printer for accurate data recording.
Dairy factories require a way of measuring the milk received. Our milk reception skid unit can measure up to 24,000 liters per hour. During intake the air is eliminated from the process to allow accurate measuring of the volume. In addition the milk is filtered and if necessary can be cooled below 4 degrees Celsius for storage.
Storage Silos are usually installed outdoors. We offer a wide range of insulated silos from 10,000 up to 150,000  with a built in cooling jacket system and sufficient insulation to keep the milk cooled for 24 hours if full of product, expecting a drop in temperature of less than 1 degree per 24 hours for temperatures below 40 degrees. 
Our processing equipment includes in line or batch type pasteurizers (for small plants), Homogenizer and separator, Standardizer and De aerator. 
We offer a variety of skid pre-installed solutions engineered for multi-purpose applications.
All our equipment and solutions are produced to highest industry standards and are in conformance with EU criteria and EN 1672-2