Yoghurt is known by many different names around the world. It can be found in many variations depending on the region and flavor preferences of the people as well as adopted technology in the production.
We produce equipment that can manufacture the following products. Our lines can be for 1 or many of the following, thus offering flexible and competitive solution.
Set Yoghurt, Greek yoghurt, Traditional Strained type ( Labaneh ), Strained type, Stirred type, Fruity yoghurt – deserts, Drinking yoghurt Airan, Shanineh , Kefir
Our yoghurt solutions can use fresh milk, recombined milk from milk powder and proteins or combinations, in order to deliver the desired results. Our recombination plants can be skid based or part of a network, stand alone or complete with the recombination mixing tanks.
We provide the pasteurization plant with holding tube, homogenizer, incubation tanks, scraper mixers, and fruit mixers, in vessel cooling or in-line cooling before filling as well as in-line homogenization and emulsifiers.
Our yoghurt equipment YPV Yoghurt process vessels can incubate and cool the product in the tank, under sterile air (positive pressure) conditions and deliver a ready for packing product directly to the filler, without any human interaction.
Depending on the desired product, or family of products, we can offer semi and fully automatic solutions that range from 500 lt per batch up to 80,000 l/day
All our equipment and solutions are produced to highest industry standards and are in conformance with EU criteria and EN 1672-2.