Cheese Machinery

Our company has the longest experience in Halloumi cheese equipment world-wide. We have been supplying the industry leaders with innovative solutions, enabling growth and expansion of their markets. The successes of all our clients’ products demonstrate the efficiency of our solutions.
Our range of expertise goes well beyond the Cypriot cheeses. We have been providing equipment for all the Arabic type cheese, such as Akkawi, Naboulsi, Baladi etc. as well as most hard and semi hard types.
All the cheese machinery items are designed and produced in-house under stringent quality standards. Our ability to engineer and manufacture our own designs has allowed us to provide a wide range of solutions for the entire industry spectrum.
Our Small cheese lines and plants come complete with all necessary equipment to process from 500 to 3,000 lt per day. The plants are manual, easy to use, and designed for minimal personnel requirement with no intensive labor. Usually are Skid installed ready to be connected to low consumption utilities, with minimum footprint.
Medium lines and plants can process 3,000 to 10,000 lt per day. These lines are additionally automated, simple to use and incorporate solutions to utilize gravity flow. Whey separation systems are manually controlled and pneumatic pressing systems are offered. All lines are easily cleanable in their majority using CIP systems and in-line washing equipment for the accessories.
Large lines and plants are able to process 10,000 to 100,000 lt per day, offering excellent repeatability on the product size, weight and appearance. We offer complete solutions for automatic production, whey control and management, whey process and bi-product productions (such as Ricotta / Arish). All lines are easily cleanable in their majority using CIP systems and In-line washing equipment for the accessories. 
Brining systems are offered for all line sizes; we offer a wide range of brine management including preparation, sterilization by thermal process or cold filtration. Mobile brine trolleys, brining crates or Vat type solutions complete with FIFO and continuous temperature monitoring and correction systems complement the cheese production lines supplied.
All our equipment and solutions are produced to highest industry standards and are in conformance with EU criteria and EN 1672-2
Capacities we can handle

Our Cheese Machinery can handle up to 100,000 litres per day, per processing line.